The LF1 is a remarkable feat of engineering, with every detail carefully considered and executed to perfection and a design language truly unprecedented in the automotive industry.

LF1 Performance by Dillinger

Undoubtedly, the main event here is the way the lines organically flow around the pocketing which is everywhere yet proportioned and exactly where the eye would want it to be; seamlessly crafted complexity,
as we like to call it. This is only doable through precision manufacturing techniques used such as the 5 axis machining and the finest work of our highly experienced engineers.

The infamous form and function debate on which matters most is completely absent in a piece where both are present and in harmony like never before.

No aspect of the LF1 has been overlooked. In it’s current Carbon Fiber 2-Piece format the massive rear 21×12.5 wheel weights 23% less than the smaller 20×11 OEM forged wheel that comes on the demo vehicle here displayed. That doesn’t make the LF1 the lightest aftermarket design out there; you can always reduce weight by increasing simplicity yet we were aiming for an outcome that would look like it didn’t belong here, out of space aestethics. Mission accomplished.

Seamlessly crafted complexity_

Precision manufacturing techniques_

5 Axis CNC_

Fitment & Format_

The LF1 is available in sizes 20, 21 and 22 with widths ranging 9 to 13.

20 - 22 / 9 - 13 / Custom ET.

Exclusively engineered and built for sports-super-hypercar loads and fitments.

Forged wheels are tailored, precision manufacturing strictly engineered for the most exhilarating vehicles in the market.

Offered as part of our Carbon Performance Program in a 2-Piece format with aluminum 5 axis cut centers and carbon fiber barrels (standard weave or forged) and also in the traditional monoblock, 2-Piece and 3-Piece forged aluminum constructions.

Monoblock / 2-Piece / 3-Piece / Carbon.

For more information or to submit a price request for the LF1 Performance, please contact our sales team at (+34)699115130 or click the link below: