Dillinger TJ1_

Sharp angles, straight lines, circular spokes. Mesmerizing in every way.

Our first directional wheel in the line up; hidden in the details though, can you spot it?

Sharp angles, straight lines, subtle directional cut outs in between the main arms and the inner circular spokes. Can this suit your vehicle? if you got one of those angry ones, this wheel isn’t meant for the smiley face cars.

The smaller spokes are not in line with the upper spokes to make them seem connected underneath the directional piece. You’ll be looking at this wheel the right way once you’re able to see two different individual designs mixed up making one.

(Warning: the TJ1 might make you stay for long hours sitting in your garage with a hot cup of coffee just staring at it from a picnic foldable chair. Family and friends might miss you, we are not responsible).

For more information or to submit a price request for the TJ1, please contact our sales team at (+34)699115130 or click the link below:

Dillinger TJ1_

1, 2 and 3 pieces available construction
Tailored Fitment | 18"-24"


A quick look into some of the projects we’ve worked on with the TJ1 wheel.
Personal 3D Configuration process available for the TJ1, please contact our sales team at (+34)699115130 or click the link below:
Ferrari GTC4 on TJ1's
BMW M4 on TJ1's
Audi RS7 on TJ1's

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